Conjugated polymers with a brush of DNA

Conjugated polymers, popularly known as synthetic metals, have attracted significant interest due to their spectacular optical and electronic properties. Research in our lab focuses on controlling conjugated polymers at the single molecule level. To achieve this, we use a strategy involving synthesis of a large number of oligonucleotides onto functionalized polymers using solid supported oligonucleotide synthesis. This provides fully water soluble polymers that can be efficiently positioned in predesigned patterns on DNA nanostructures.


Left: Overview of the synthesis of poly(APPV-DNA), a conjugated polymer with a brush of DNA. Top Right: Artistic illustration of poly(APPV-DNA) positioned on DNA origami in a U-formed conformation. Bottom right: AFM image of poly(APPV-DNA) in U-shape.

Current activities are

  • Development of new polymer-DNA conjugates
  • Investigation of energy transfer through and between polymers
  • Characterization of polymers at the single molecule level
  • Using polymers for wiring at the nanoscale

Past contributions to this field

Routing of individual polymers in designed patterns. Knudsen, J. B.; Liu, L.; Kodal, A. L. B.; Madsen, M.; Li, Q.; Song, J.; Woehrstein, J. B.; Wickham, S. F. J.; Strauss, M. T.; Schueder, F.; Vinther, J.; Krissanaprasit, A.; Gudnason, D.; Smith, A. A. A.; Ogaki, R.; Zelikin, A. N.; Besenbacher, F.; Birkedal, V.; Yin, P.; Shih, W. M.; Jungmann, R.; Dong, M.; Gothelf, K. V. Nat. Nanotech. 2015, 10, 892-898

Programmed switching of single polymer conformation on DNA origami. Krissanaprasit, A.; Madsen, M.; Knudsen, J. B.; Gudnason, D.; Surareungchai, W.; Birkedal, V.; Gothelf, K. V. ACS Nano, 2016, 10 (2), 2243-2250


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